About Us

We are a non profit social innovation enterprise with the aim of bridging the KNOWLEDGE, CULTURAL and NETWORKING gap among the next generation of African youth on the continent and the diaspora. Our name “Hojja” is deduced from the Kiswahili word “Hoja” that simply means “to move or Movement ”. This word literally explains our drive to initiate a movement that’s not only physical but intellectual and cultural. To us, movement means, breaking the barriers, creating opportunities, and cultural exchange.

Our Mission is to make Africa knowable and reachable to all African in the area of tourism, education, and business

R.N.N Adumuah

Owula N.N Adumuah – Co-founder & CEO

“Beyond all the negativity, there is another narrative of Africa that is privy and visible to the eye that seeks. Our RESILIENCE; it is one unfathomable trait that cannot be disputed.”


Owula Nii Nortei is a proactive and polymorphic young man taking bold steps to see a positive mind-set-shift among African millennials. He is an alumnus of Central University with a Bachelor of Architecture degree and a member of the 2018 British Council/Nesta Creative Enterprise programme. He also founded Savefirst initiative in 2011 a project that brought financial literacy to primary schools student . As a social entrepreneur and budding Architect , Owula finds joy in contributing to improving the built environmental landscape in Ghana as well as impact society. Also, he is the project lead for Design-schel (Shelter, Culture, Health, Education, Lifestyle) a team of young dynamic architects that aspire to use architecture as social intervention tool with the aim of impacting  communities. He has volunteered and worked with organisations such as 1 Billion Africa, Design Thinking -Ghana, World Speech Day Accra, C.A.R.E (Children Are the Reason), New African Mind,  Perissos Horizon, One Ghana Cedi Educational fundraising project, Truth4life Radio, Soultrain Theatre Productions, just to mention a few. Owula is passionate about Africa. Social Architecture, Tourism and Creative arts and believes in the mantra “The world has space to accommodate everyone; find yours.”


Make Africa knowable and reachable to all African in the area of tourism, education and business


Create innovative initiatives, to inspire the African Youth  to Move, Connect, and Create a Cultural Exchange for continental partnerships



An integrated continent; politically united and based on the ideals of Pan-Africanism and the vision of Africa’s Renaissance

An Africa with a strong cultural identity, common heritage, shared values and ethics

Meet Our Team

Owula N.N Adumuah – Founder

Cherubim Mawuli Amenyedor – Co Founder

Adedolapo Rhodalynn – Admin

Henry Derben – communication Lead

Karren Kpodo – HR

Haruna Sulemana – Event/ Organiser

Matthew Adotey – Social Media Lead

Rhesa Anokye  – Creative Designer

Ebenezer Yartey – Business Lead

Cherubim Mawuli Amenyedor – Co-Founder

“The world hasn’t seen one percent of original African content yet”

Adedolapo Rhodalynn – Administrative Lead

“One thing about Africa that makes it special is the rich cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of its population”

Henry Derben – Communication Lead

“The soul of the continent is striking- our collective hope, beliefs and differences are our greatest strengths.”

Karen Kpodo – Human Resource Lead

“One thing about Africa that makes it special –  Africa has 30% of the earth remaining Natural Resources”

Matthew Adotey – Social Media Lead

“The similarities in our culture amidst our differences is just mind blowing.”

Rhesa Anokye  – Creative Lead

“The uniqueness in diversity, landscape, cultural heritage and wealth of natural resources of the continent Africa is beyond what is perceived. You won’t know it if you don’t experience it. Africa is Home”

Ebenezer Yartey – Business Lead

“Our unique culture, values and  morals are what pilot our lives as Africans”

Karen Kpodo – Human Resource Lead

“One thing about Africa that makes it special –  Africa has 30% of the earth remaining Natural Resources”

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